Little Alamance Creek Cleanup Results March 2018

City Park BMP Tour & HydroVault Demonstration

Stormwater BMP Inspections

Annual inspections of Phase II Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout Graham will begin this upcoming August. Stormwater BMP inspections ensure that all implemented practices are well-maintained and performing effectively to improve the quality of stormwater runoff and reduce their impact on surrounding bodies of water. To learn more about stormwater runoff, check out this […]

Illegal Dumping Hotline

Think all waste is safe to toss in your trash can? Think again! Many of the items we consider trash are actually hazardous for the environment. These items needs to be taken to specific facilities and sites that are certified to dispose of them safely. Illegal dumping is a term that refers to disposing of […]

2019 Alamance Creek Week

Thanks to all who came out and participated in Alamance Creek Week 2019! Big thanks to our sponsors, event organizers, and hosts as well! We are ecstatic that so many people came out to learn about, protect, and enjoy our waters in Alamance County this month Until next year!

2019 Alamance Creek Week: April 6th-13th

This annual event will take place April 6th – 13th, 2019! The 2018 Alamance Creek Week was a huge success! Over 1,500 city residents participated in the 30+ events offered throughout the week. They worked together to collect more than 10,000 lbs of trash at the community clean-ups and 51 lbs of medications during Operation […]

Little Alamance Creek January Cleanup

The City of Burlington’s Stormwater Division was out in full force on January 29, 2019 cleaning up a section of Little Alamance Creek. The Burlington Stormwater Division is on a mission to decrease the pollutants that reach our creeks and streams through runoff. Their commitment and hard work are making Burlington’s water ways cleaner and […]

Record Snowfall Hits The Little Alamance Creek Watershed Area

The Little Alamance watershed was impacted by one of the largest single day snowstorms to hit the area since the 1930’s. According to the National Weather Service, 11 inches of snow fell in a 24 hour period on Sunday December 9th, 2018. With temperatures hovering in the upper 20’s to lower 30’s, the rain shifted […]

Christmas Recycling Ideas

Protect our streams from unwanted and unsafe Christmas throwaways!! Many times as we rearrange for Christmas we see a lot of items that need to be discarded, old paint, oil, batteries, household chemicals. What do you do with all of those items? First – Take an inventory of what you have. If at all possible […]

Servis Creek Cleanup – Nov. 3rd, 2018 – Results

Nice weather and a enthusiastic group of volunteers came out for the Fall Servis Creek Clean up! The rainy weather, past hurricanes and heavy rain events made this years clean up a challenge. However with hard work the group was able to collect a lot of trash that had found its way into this stream. […]

2018-2019 Loose Leaf Collection Schedule

To view a pdf version of this schedule click here.

Park Bridge Closing Notice

The bridge connecting Indian Valley and Great Bend Park is temporarily closed due to flood damage. For more information contact the Alamance County Recreation Department at (336) 229-2410.