Learn About Stormwater

Ray Street Academy Stormwater Education

Stormwater Smart at Ray Street Academy

Stormwater Smart worked with 63 students at Ray Street Academy in Graham in January 2017. The presentations and outreach included using the Enviroscape, How Wet is Our Planet, and the NC Watershed Game. Ray Street Academy is an alternative school with students throughout Alamance County including within the Little Alamance Creek watershed.

The Enviroscape is a 3d model watershed. Students get to act as pollutants or rain on the Enviroscape using common household items in order to understand point-source and nonpoint-source pollution. Students will discuss the various ways they can practice environmental stewardship within their watershed. This program is ideal for students in 8th grade or high school grade levels.

In the NC Watershed Game students play a game on a fictional watershed board that shows how different human behaviors affect the watershed through modifications to the biotic and abiotic components via best management practices. This program is ideal for students in the high school grade levels.