Month: July 2019


Stormwater BMP Inspections

Annual inspections of Phase II Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout Graham will begin this upcoming August. Stormwater BMP inspections ensure that all implemented practices are well-maintained and performing effectively to improve the quality of stormwater runoff and reduce their impact on surrounding bodies of water. To learn more about stormwater runoff, check out this […]

Illegal Dumping Hotline

Think all waste is safe to toss in your trash can? Think again! Many of the items we consider trash are actually hazardous for the environment. These items needs to be taken to specific facilities and sites that are certified to dispose of them safely. Illegal dumping is a term that refers to disposing of […]

Aquatic Wild Workshop

Workshop Activities Join Local Stormwater staff and CCI King-Outreach Education Specialist with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission in this exciting Aquatic Wild Training. If you work with school age students (K-12) the resources you will learn about the aquatic life around us will be invaluable!! Aquatic Wild uses the simple, successful format of Project WILD […]