Month: September 2016


Active Erosion Control Sites in Burlington (September 2016)

18 Erosion Control sites were permitted and active in Burlington from January-September 2016.

Feet of Rehabbed Sanitary Sewer Line

43,921 feet of sanitary sewer lines rehabilitated in Burlington.

Fats, oils and grease educational materials distributed

20,002 flyers were distributed to residents of Burlington with information about the proper disposal of fats, oils and grease commonly associated with household use. This was done through the City Works newsletter, which can be found in pdf format here. Information regarding this topic can always be found at

Feet of Sanitary Sewer Line Cleaned

The City of Burlington’s Water and Sewer Pipe Maintenance Division performs routine cleaning of the sanitary sewer lines throughout the Little Alamance Creek Watershed as well as the entire city as a preventative measure. These lines are also inspected for possible failures and illicit connections.  In 2016, the City cleaned 92.4 miles and rehabbed 6,054.5 […]

City of Burlington Carousel Festival 2016

2016-2017 Loose Leaf Collection Schedule

To see the pdf version of this schedule click here.