Illegal Dumping Hotline

Think all waste is safe to toss in your trash can? Think again!

Many of the items we consider trash are actually hazardous for the environment. These items needs to be taken to specific facilities and sites that are certified to dispose of them safely. Illegal dumping is a term that refers to disposing of hazardous waste materials in unauthorized locations. This includes burying waste, burning waste, or throwing the waste into a water source-like Little Alamance Creek. It’s an environmental crime (in NC it’s considered a Class I felony!), and there’s some pretty hefty fines associated with the violation.

For more information on what constitutes illegal dumping, check out this page on the NC Division of Waste Management site.

If you think you’ve encountered an illegal dump site, or you witness someone illegally disposing of hazardous waste, report it! This link provides a map of each region in North Carolina and their respective contact information for environmental assistance.

Local Hotlines:

  • Burlington: Maurice Gunn, Sanitation Superintendent – (336)-222-5111
  • Graham: Frankie Maness, City Manager – (336)-570-6709