Willowbrook Creek Water Quality Sampling

ABSS Early College Science Class Water Quality sampling in Willowbrook Creek.

Staff from Stormwater Smart, City of Burlington Stormwater Department and Alley, Williams, Carmen and King, Inc on August 4th, 2018 spent a Saturday morning with teachers and students from the ABSS Early College looking at the water quality in Willowbrook Creek, a tributary to Little Alamance Creek that is currently under restoration. The event fell on the day after a local 5 inch rain, however the stream was easily accessible by students and staff. There was concern that this rain may have swept out much of the aquatic life in the stream, but sampling in the ripple areas brought surprises from this city stream. Several highly sensitive water quality species were found.  These included: Caddisfly Larva, Damselfly Larva, Mayfly Larva and Crayfish. The presence of these maroinvertabrates in the stream indicate a good water quality that is beneficial to all life near the stream.  Additional monitoring will continue, we hope to provide a more detailed report of the students findings in the future.