Soil Sampling Resources in the Little Alamance Creek Watershed

Do not over apply fertilizers to your yard, take a soil sample!

Spring is around the corner and we often think about getting our yards ready for summer activities. Over applying fertilizers to your yard can cause negative effects in the creeks below your home if rain water carries fertilizer into them.  One way to avoid this is to soil test to see what you actually need to apply. This not only saves you money in fertilizer costs it also protects the environment.

The Alamance County Cooperative Extension Service offers soil testing through the NC Department of Agriculture. Simply bring a sample of your soil to be sent off in a small box, complete the soil report form, and bring it to the Extension Office located in the Agriculture Building. Please see a staff member at the Extension Office when dropping off soil samples. This service is provided FREE of charge from April–November with a cost of $4 from December–March.

**PLEASE NOTE: Samples are taken on an irregular basis to the NCDA&CS Soil Lab in Raleigh by N.C. Cooperative Extension staff.

If you need faster service, send samples by USPS to:

NCDA&CS Agronomic Division
Soil Testing Section
1040 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1040


The Agronomic Division of the N. C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently announced that a $4 fee per sample will be charged to soil samples that arrive at the Soil Lab in Raleigh during the peak season for soil sampling. The peak season and when fees apply will be December through March. The soil sample fee will be based on the date the sample is logged in the system, and not the day of arrival which is usually a few days preceding log in.

If you send samples during the peak season when the $4 fee applies, clients will need to pay in advance of sending samples, either by using a credit card on-line on the Agronomic Division website or by setting up an escrow account.

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Alamance County Center, is encouraging farmers and homeowners to soil test early to eliminate having to pay this soil sampling fee. Soil sample boxes and information sheets are available at the Alamance County Office of N.C. Cooperative Extension Office, 336-570-6740. Please call or email if you have questions or need further information.

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