Residential Recycling

New Christmas presents?? Don't forget to Recycle old items!!
Proper trash management protects our streams and lakes from pollution!

Residential Recycling

For additional questions call:

WASTE INDUSTRIES – ph.(336) 229-0525

Solid Waste Division – ph.(336) 222-5111

In Burlington:

All carts and materials need to be placed at the street by 7:00am and removed by 7:00pm on your collection day. Carts should be located 5 feet away from any obstructions, garbage cart, mail box, shrubbery, or anything that would otherwise prevent collection by automated trucks. The cart handle and wheels should face your house. Carts that are not properly placed cannot be collected. Loose materials that are placed outside of your container cannot be collected.

Holiday modifications to sanitation and recycling collection are posted on the City’s website homepage and are advertised in the Times News.

Find your collection day by examining the map below

Recycling Red and Blue

What can I recycle?                                      Are there items I can’t place in my recycle cart?
Plastics #1 – #7                                                      Pizza boxes
Drink Bottles                                                          Needles and medical waste
Detergent bottles                                                   Plastic bags
Yogurt cups                                                           Styrofoam
Food tubs                                                              Bubble wrap
Newspaper                                                            Electronics
Shredded paper                                                    Clothing
Flattened corrugated cardboard                            Light bulbs
Phone books                                                         Window glass
Magazines/junk mail/inserts                                  Scrap metal
Aluminum cans (empty)                                         Pots/pans
Tin cans                                                                 Paints (Household Hazardous Waste)
Glass bottles and jars (any color, empty)              Yard waste