Little Alamance Creek Clean Up Pictures 2017

We had an amazing time with a great group of people at the Little Alamance Creek Clean Up on April 22nd!

Here are some pictures of our wonderful morning cleaning the creek. The weather cooperated and we had some beautiful scenery and saw some critters along the way, including a box turtle, a banded water snake, and some raccoon tracks. Most of these pictures are from Boyd Creek within the Little Alamance Creek watershed.


IMG_4912 IMG_4835 IMG_4809 IMG_4813 IMG_4822 IMG_4836 IMG_4825 IMG_4803 IMG_4774 IMG_4799 IMG_4801 IMG_4773 IMG_4769 20170422_095750 20170422_095800(1) 20170422_111127 IMG_4796 20170422_111148(0)