Family Stream Training

Learn about life in the stream !

Join Haw Riverkeeper, Emily Sutton of the Haw River Assembly, for a stream health investigation in City Park on March 18th from 1 to 3 pm.

Meet at the TJ Sports shelter (amusement parking lot) and we’ll have a brief intro and walk over to the creek. We will learn the importance of river and stream health, and how we can gauge the health of the river using science. We will use chemistry test kits to monitor different levels of pH in the river and understand what that means for the critters living below the surface. Participants will have an opportunity to look at the aquatic insects living in our streams and to learn what they can tell us about water quality. Dress appropriately as we will get in the shallow rocks of the creek with nets to see where these critters live.

This event is open to adults and children of all ages.

Interested in monitoring your own streams? This program also serves to train volunteers to participate in Haw River Assembly’s River Watch Project. This Haw River Watch Project gives us a clearer picture of the health of the Haw River by determining the type and location of pollution sources. The heart of this effort are four seasonal “snapshots” performed each year. River Watch volunteers fan out across the tributaries and riverbanks of the Haw to check on the health of the water. Teams are trained and equipped to monitor water quality through aquatic insect counts (and other critters in the water), pH tests, temperature and observations. We use the information to get a picture of the river in each season and to track any changes over time. Volunteers act as guardians of their streams, notifying the proper authorities if pollution is suspected. We ask all River Watchers to join the Haw River Assembly and contribute the cost of their equipment (HRA membership is included in equipment costs).

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