Creek Week Campus Clean-Ups: Grove Park

Keeping our school yards clean!

In honor of Alamance Creek Week, elementary, middle, and high schools all across Alamance County will be hosting campus clean-ups throughout the week to contribute to healthy waters in their watershed.

Litter that is thoughtlessly or accidentally tossed into our environment will ultimately make its way into our water sources. In fact, most of the debris we find in our waterways originated from land-based sources, including litter, landfills, and storm drains. Plastic, a widely-used medium due to its durability and low cost, is most often found in our watershed because it can take hundreds of years or more to break down in our environment. Campus clean-ups are a critical necessity in helping keep such items out of local waterways and ultimately the ocean. From everyone at Alamance Creek Week, we’d like to thank all the participating schools for their efforts in keeping Alamance County waters clean and pristine!

If you are a teacher or administrator at an Alamance area school and would like to host a cleanup on your school campus, please email Lauren at for more information.

Participating Schools

Alexander Wilson Elementary School
Eastlawn Elementary School
Grove Park Elementary School
Haw River Elementary School
South Graham Elementary School
Eastern Alamance High School
Southern Alamance High School