2021 Educational Activities

We appreciate your interest in the Little Alamance Creek Watershed Area!

Welcome to 2021 !
Sadly we are still daily living with the challenges of Covid-19.
We appreciate your interest in protecting the Little Alamance Creek Watershed !
We hope as 2021 moves forward we will be able to provide more Virtual and Socially distanced Educational Resources.

Here are 10 things that you can do everyday to protect the Watershed of Little Alamance Creek
1. Pick up trash in the watershed. Be sure to wear gloves and wash your hands as soon as possible after handling any trash.
2. Avoid throwing your mask on the ground where it can become trash and wash into out creeks.
3. Place any pet waste in the trash, do not allow it to wash into our creeks.
4. Do not dump any items into the Storm Drains! This is a direct pipeline to the creek.
5. Compost any yard clippings and leaves.
6. Do not wash your car in the driveway, where the soapy water can run to a storm drain. Instead wash it in a grassy area where the  water can be absorbed into the ground.
7. Properly dispose of all chemicals in the trash as recommended, or save until there is a local collection day.
8. Soil test your yard before you apply spring fertilizer. Soil test boxes can be picked up at the Alamance County Cooperative              Extension office.
9. Seed or mulch any bare areas in your yard this spring to avoid erosion.
10. Enjoy a walk in the park. This allows you to see the beauty of our streams and helps you to get involved in the wonderful         environment we live in.